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Down right beautiful [Friday the 16th
[ mood | relaxed ]

‘I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry.
And I know you do the same things too.
So we’re really not that different, me and you.

--- Colin Raye
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♥ Love experience [Friday the 18th
[ mood | calm ]

When I was working at a kindergarten, I had a boy with autism in my class. I did not know what to expect of him as it was also my first working experience. The only encounter I had had previously with children with autism was in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and that alone was not enough to equip me for what I was about to face. My four months with the class taught me not only techniques of handling children with autism, but enlightened me as well. In the classroom, I was not the only teacher. We shared that role- Wilson* and I.

It is true what they say. There were days that Wilson would make a fuss about certain things not done his way. Everything had to be the same as the day before. Tuesdays and Fridays were the usual days on which his screaming would get somewhat extreme. My display boards would get torn down, erasers chewed, toys spoilt, doors slammed and colour pencil markings would appear everywhere on the walls.

After two months, Wilson's mother was called in to the office. The very next day, she started attending lessons with Wilson. That helped to alleviate the issue as Wilson had personal attention. As his class teacher, I still had the responsibility of ensuring that he was playing safely. He got better and better. His self-confidence was growing daily.

As I continued encouraging Wilson, his classmates were quick to catch on. They started helping him put on his shoes, they offered to feed him during meal times, and even wanted to bring Wilson back home. On the fifth of May, Wilson made it through the gym maze all by himself. The entire class celebrated with him.

And once again, it is true what they say. Wilson might act up sometimes. In fact, I am sure he is screaming in class now because it is a Friday. However, Wilson has taught me things I would never learn elsewhere or from anyone else.

*Name changed to hide identity.

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Cheers; [Friday the 4th
[ mood | ecstatic ]

What a dream come true. Ever since the first day I stepped into Ngee Ann Poly, I have wanted to go to Wheelock College. I can't believe that it's coming to past. Suddenly, whatever Pastor Cho has been preaching about 4th dimension, is becoming so real. Everytime I pass Wheelock, I'll tell everyone that I'm going there, my face is going to be on the bulletin and blahblah. Ha ha ha. Well, just like I have said and dreamt, it's actually REALLY HAPPENING. (Screams!)

That also meant that I had to leave Ascension. I loved it there. It isn't easy to fall so deeply in love with a kindergarten. I worked for 4 months and those 4 months passed by so fast. I always wondered how I would feel about working life. But working at Ascension was so easy. Sure, I had days that I had to drag myself out of bed. But most of the time, the atmosphere there would cheer me up. Moreover, the children would never fail to bring a smile to my life.

I had to debate with myself about experience versus qualifications. I believe that the decision that I have made is the right one. I'm secretly hoping that the 4 months experience I have had is going to fuel me and help me sufficiently.

Here's to the next 2 years at Wheelock. (Raises cup in the air.) Yummmmmmm senggg!

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Change [Wednesday the 2nd
[ mood | bouncy ]

News I got today is probably going to change everything. I was just getting used to the routine.

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Good to be home, [Sunday the 7th
[ mood | cheerful ]

It's been an awfully long time since I posted here. I need to make my blog appear more lively so that maybe people will stop thinking that I'm a loser. Ha ha ha! Whatever!

Ah, let me rattle about some stuff.

Hair: I'm making progress in growing my hair. Haven't cut it in a long time. But that also means that my ahlian streaks are still visible. Lololol. I might even cut bangs again since everyone tells me they missed that.

Ascension Kindergarten: I started work there! Boy, do I love it. I look forward to going to school every day and seeing the kids, having an opportunity to impart something to them. It's really awesome being able to play such a big part in a young child's life! The only thing is that I'm still trying to adjust to sleeping earlier than I used to, and waking up at 6am every morning. That's not very Yolanda at all. But when I get to school, everything becomes much happier and woohoo! Ascension is love.

CCH: Oh! YYC is amazing! It's been growing and growing because of all our exciting education stuff. But it's not gonna stop at YYC. The Main Church is going to be super cool too. Now with Henderson, we have such a big room, there's so much room to grow! D: C'mon Three Hundred, Genesis and Acts! <3

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New Discovery [Thursday the 14th
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Omgoshxzx. What a new discovery. Shert told me about how I can freely surf the net on my handphone. So here I am. In awe.

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Christmas at home [Saturday the 26th
[ mood | good ]

This is how I want to spend Christmas for the rest of my life. Every 25th of December, I want to be found giving my best for a bunch of kids. Planning and setting up a service just so that the presence of God can fall in the place for every single one of them to get touched. It is simply magnificient seeing new kids step into the room, looking pretty lost and hesitant, not sure whether they belong there. But the games, the praise and worship.. All of that warms them up. And then the Word of God. That's when every word is so annointed, every word carries the weight of God and hits their hearts. That yes, it might be words, but they are the exact words they need to hear. And when it's time for the altar call.. I love it. Everything is all right for the Holy Spirit to move in the place. Even the hardest of them all will break because that's how real and powerful God is.

You can't fake it with kids. It's all real to them.

Merry Christmas! (:

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Gives me +hope+ [Monday the 2nd
[ mood | touched ]


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Never to for[get] [Wednesday the 21st
[ mood | sleepy ]

How my birthday became so memorable was when..

1. I got a phone call at 1 plus am, telling me to open my door. I opened it only to be surprised by the coolest bunch of people who cooked my favourite scrambled eggs and gave me my favourite ice milo.
2. I could bring Glenn to church before he had to leave to Cameron Highlands that night with his family. He insisted that he wanted to follow me wherever I went.
3. Peiying, Iman, Joey and Mariah all lined up to hug me and give me their presents in nicely wrapped boxes and bags. <3
4. Pastor Kong was preaching in our church! Seeing him give Pastor How a hug was like.. D:
5. My family had a nice home-cooked meal rather than the usual restaurant visit.
6. The CG gave me a beautiful drawing block thing with their messages.
7. I read Fungqi's and Silly's smses.
8. Cheryl gave me a cake which she baked herself. I baked the PSLE kids a horrible strawberry cake that Tuesday before and she wanted to make one for me!
9. Fiorina handed me 2 tupperwares of cookies that she took time to make too.
10. Uncle Gilbert and Aunty Ning Jer thanked me for taking care of all the kids that they brought to church.
11. I simply had supper with my favourite going-home friend.

Thank you!

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Barrage+ [Thursday the 15th
[ mood | impressed ]

Marina Barrage with the P6 kids was simply awesome. It is moments spent with the kids in such a relax environment that you truly get to kick back and hang out and go crazy with them. (:

Glenn and Dexter became my good buddies after the outing. I told them that we'll go out again next Wednesday and they have already started helping me think of where we should go and what we should do. Dexter's so excited about meeting for breakfast on Saturday and Glenn's coming to do BMI with me tomorrow! D: Peiying is amazing too. Fung and I were just talking about her today and we realised how much she has changed. One year ago, Peiying was still playing at Nee Soon East Park, refusing to come to church with us. Now she is someone who raises her hands and worships God, brings her friends to church, a leader in the house of God. Every single friend that she brings to church is so good and open because she has already incubated them. A person of prayer. And when her friends come, they always say that they want to carry the burden with Peiying as well, they're going to invite their friends too. That is the spirit of evangelism that she passes down. Fiorina is another prayer warrior! PSLE's over, she's praying every day for her friends to come and making use of every opportunity to invite her classmates, cousins..

Most of all, behind this whole outing- Wei Min, Yvonne and Fung Qi. They're the ones who made it happen. Wei Min's first time planning an outing like this, but it was so sucessful! The kids loved it, they were so happy and every one went mad together. Yvonne, being her normal usual crazy self, built atmosphere and made sure the outing ran smoothly. Fung Qi had Mindgym but still brought the kids down, administrated the whole thing and supervised. The team of teachers in Three Hundred never fail to blow me away.
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